Braces & Orthotics


Braces & Athletic Supports

Braces allow for the support and stabilization of various injured areas of the body. They can provide pain relief of an injured area or support healing tissue.

There are many benefits to purchasing a brace at the clinic:

  • Fit by a professional ensure proper sizing
  • Education regarding how the brace works, how to put it on/take it off and when to wear it

We carry many different types of bracing products including, but are not limited to:

  • knee braces
  • wrist braces and supports
  • tennis elbow braces
  • shoulder slings
  • ankle stabilizing braces
  • low back supports

We also offer:

  • Custom Don Joy Knee Bracing for people who have ligament injuries or those with severe osteoarthritis
  • Therapeutic gradient compression stockings which help to improve venous and lymphatic blood flow

Braces can also be covered by some extended insurance plans with the referral by a medical doctor. Check your own plan for details.

Just walk in and let us take care of your bracing needs!


Custom orthotics are devices that insert into your footwear and help to correct alignment or support deviations in the biomechanics of the body. When prescribed correctly, orthotics can decrease pain, improve stability and even help to prevent future bio-mechanical problems.

Our Physiotherapists and Chiropractor are qualified to fit clients with orthotics. We highly recommend that you obtain a doctors referral before you attend your orthotic appointment as most insurance companies require this in order for reimbursement. As well, we recommend that you look into your benefit coverage to ensure a physiotherapist/chiropractor is able to do an orthotic fitting for you.